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"Keep you,

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TEC Accelerates Innovation!

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What we believe

Innovation is a process. Practicing innovation process takes time but it will pay-off. Disruptive Innovation is an accumulative result of continuous incremental improvement.

Box1 RFID.jpg

RFID, NFC, IOT, Auto-ID Consulting service in:

  • Evaluating the feasibility and usability of RFID Project

  • Select technology, products, vendors, and specifications

  • Providing an "RFID implementation roadmap including term-of requirement (TOR)

  • System design, business process design

  • Outsourcing for a pilot project feasibility study & project management

     (only in CMLVT countries)

  • Annual Check-ups, providing periodic RFID system auditing

Box2 Consulting service.jpg

Professional and Innovative consulting service in:

  • Translational Research

  • Technology product roadmap

  • International Market & Business Development for technological products

  • Product Development Process

  • Innovation & Technology Management

  • Market research

Box3 Outsourcing service.jpg

Product development, business development and technology commercialization outsourcing service:

  • IP assessment and valuation

  • Technology management, R&D project management

  • Business development, Market research & Selective Marketing

  • Prototype development and Lead user test

  • Product development & Commercialization

  • Technology transfer & Technology commercialization consulting service

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