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RFID & AIDC Consulting services

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To put ourself in your shoes!

Product Development Process, Innovation Process, Intellectual Property Management, Technology/ Product Roadmap, Go-to-market.

  • Evaluating the suitability and usability of RFID to improve the existing business process and enhance business opportunities.

  • Drafting specification, qualification, term-of requirement (TOR) and providing vendor selection criteria and shortlisting technology and RFID vendors.

  • Providing an "RFID implementation roadmap" for future expansion to maximize client's investment and benefits.

  • Assisting in architecting design, business process design, project management, and implementation plan.

  • Outsourcing for a pilot project feasibility study (only in CMLVT countries).

  • Outsourcing for RFID project implementation & installation (only in CMLVT countries).

  • Annual Check-ups, providing periodic RFID system auditing for existing RFID projects to offer preventive, corrective, and expansion plans.

RFID Consulting and outsourcing services
Consulting service for RFID architecture
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(RFID Tag)
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(RFID Reader)
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Server/ Software
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Business process
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